What we do

A note from the team:

During these difficult times, our usual services are mostly suspended as we put the safety of our volunteers at the forefront and are encouraging them to stay home. We are operating a limited service - mostly food parcel deliveries - until lockdown is lifted.

Stay safe everyone.

Street Food is a not-for-profit group based in Burton on Trent. We have no agenda, no politics, just a need to feed! In time, we hope to offer a full signposting service.


We are a group of volunteers from the Burton area who share a passion for helping the homeless people we meet on the streets, each with their own stories to tell and who face different challenges.

We have formed a strong link with local agencies and other support groups - so that each and every homeless person can be fully aware of the opportunities and support available in Burton on Trent.

We all offer our time with Street Food as unpaid volunteers.

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We provide hot and cold drinks, bottles of water, hot food, salads, cereals with fresh milk and plenty of snacks. We have recently introduced a fruit bowl and breakfast bags (juice, cereal bar, wrapped pastry and a piece of fruit). We also provide a lunch bag so our homeless people can eat and take away up to 3 meals each so we know we have done what we can for one day of the week. We work with Burton YMCA and operate a successful Saturday morning breakfast/brunch in their dining room each week.


A new thing we have started is a birthday book so we can find out when our homeless people have a birthday coming up so we can celebrate with them. We are also bringing a box of books every week as we know many of our homeless friends enjoy reading. Also, two lovely ladies: Michelle and Ellie from Revival Hair & Beauty in Burton regularly offer their skills for free haircuts and beard trims  - it's so very kind of them and very much appreciated. 

We feed, talk and support.