• The Street Food Team

A Christmas thank you

Kings Bromley Co op really outdid themselves this Christmas. As well as supporting us all year round with twice weekly donations to supplement our feeding sessions, they organised a fantastic Christmas gift collection in their South Staffs store.

The team at the Kings Bromley shop asked its customers to fill a sock with all sorts of lovely things for our homeless people. They included things like toiletries, chocolates and, of course, the other sock!

In addition a most kind gentleman donated a lot of gift parcels that were beautifully presented and marked for a man or woman with a little individual message on each one. It was so touching and heart-warming.

We gave these out at our Boxing Day party and the were very well received! One of our homeless men was visiting a homeless lady in hospital and took one to her there - she was delighted!

Thank you to everyone who supported this initiative.