[Updated February 2020]

We rely on donations from our wonderful supporters. This is our most recent list that shows what we need this week.

We don't give out clothes (other than socks, hats, gloves and scarves) or shoes from Street Food but we keep emergency supplies and are happy to pass anything else on to other reputable organisations who we work with in the town. Sleeping bags and ground mats always welcome (and needed!).


Spray deodorant • Socks • Gloves • Juice (small and large) • Wrapped croissants/brioche • Individual biscuits or chocolate bars • Crisps • Sandwich fillings • Sandwich bags • Cling film • Foil • Baked beans • Tea • Coffee • Hot chocolate • Cakes • Fresh fruit • Tinned fruit • Flapjack



- £30 feeds 50 people

In addition to Thursday evening's hot meals and salads, we make up packed lunches (sandwich/pizza, crisps, fruit, drink, chocolate) and breakfast bags (juice carton, cereal bar, fresh fruit or fruit pot, wrapped pastries and flapjack) so our homeless friends are covered for 3 of their meal times. 


For our Saturday breakfast we need baked beans, sausages, yoghurts, fruit, free-range eggs, cereals and any other breakfast items you consider. Any of these types of ingredients are most welcome.

Collections and drop off points are available in Alrewas, Barton and Burton - please ask for details via our social media pages or hello@streetfoodburton.co.uk. Many thanks to our amazing supporters.